Overcome Your Deepest Fears & Subconscious Limitations Blocking You From The Life You Want

  • Break free from negative habits, anxieties, fears, phobias, chronic pain, procrastination, and trauma reactions keeping you stuck!
  • Without needing to retell the details of your past traumas again!
  • Eliminate and delete triggers that emotionally hijack living your best life!
  • Tap into your creative resources to create a fulfilling life!
  • With the convenience of meeting online using Zoom.com - no travel time!

Why Hypnosis?

  • Clinical research has validated that triggers and trauma reactions can be REMOVED and DELETED through Memory Reconsolidation.
  • Until recently, it was universally believed that our emotional triggers and trauma reactions were "hard-wired" in our brains.
  • You can be free of chronic anxiety, chronic pain, phobias, and much more.
  • Hypnosis is a safe, rapid, and effective method to remove and delete triggers and trauma reactions without having to retell painful past stories.

Your personal history does not define who you are. Re-experiencing painful memories is often re-traumatizing. Freeing you to respond to life creatively "here and now" matters more to me than your past. Together, we can transform habitual limiting beliefs and learned trauma reactions to empower you to create the fulfilling life you want. - Dr. Paul D. Fitzgerald, Certified Hypnotist

"Content-Free" means you can experience profound transformation in your life without retelling your past and risk being retraumatized.

Sound impossible after trying other ways to change?

You’ve likely tried various methods to overcome habitual negative thoughts, self-sabotaging choices, procrastination, and more. However, most only temporarily cover them up, but something triggers them again. With Rapid, Content-Free Transformation strategies, you can have freedom from anxiety, stress, self-doubt, unhealthy anger, and more,

Everyone says, "Let it go," but few show you how actually to do that so it removes the unwanted reactions. Using hypnosis, you can really "let go" of old trauma reactions that keep you from creating the life you want for yourself and those you love.

What Do You Want to Transform?

Hypnosis effectively transforms (deleting, removing, or reducing) many habitual and chronic issues that block the creation of a flourishing life.

Here are just a few of the many challenges that can be removed and overcome by combining Hypnosis, NLP, and Coaching.

Anxiety and Panic
Unhealthy Anger & Rage
Unhealthy Stress
Relief for Unuseful Pain
Lacking Confidence

Imposter Syndrome
Performance Anxiety

Fear of Public Speaking
Learned Trauma Reactions
Religious Trauma
Quit Smoking
Weight Loss Management

Personal Empowerment
Clarify Your Purpose
Identify Your Life Goals
Align Your 6 Key Life Areas
Healthy Spiritual Companioning
Unconditional Self-Compassion
Total Perception Management

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Uncertain about Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is so ordinary we rarely recognize that we experience it every day while watching TV, movies, or driving. Hypnotherapy is a powerful method to allow our unconscious to let go of "unuseful" protective mechanisms (anxieties, fears, unuseful habits, etc.), remove emotional reactions that hijack our best intentions, and rapidly learn more useful patterns that give us the wisdom to respond from our best self and the courage to create the life we want. You hear everything spoken while you are in a trance. There's no "mind control," and you can't be made to do anything against your moral and ethical values.

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